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About the Silver Stars

The Silver Stars are Mill Valley's competitive dance team. They compete at the Kansas Spectacular. They also host, and compete in the Cheer and Dance Festival. These dedicated dancers perform at halftimes during football, basketball, and soccer games. They also have a Spring Show towards the end of the year where they perform several dances and show their talent. The team pracitces after school on Monday and Wednesday with occasional weekend practices. The team goes to NDA Dance Camp during the summer where they learn dances, tehnique, and copmete with two performances. The team is coached by Jamie Pyle and Sarah Fritz. Silver Stars officers are Jerica Leiby and Ashlynn Demo.

2009-2010 Roster
Kelcie Cater
Ashylynn Demo
Kitty Griffith
Jerica Leiby
Mackenzie Hampton
Shannon Neil
Cassie Gerhart
Sara Gillespie
Alison Brookhart
Haley Bensel
Kelsie Schuman
Amanda Morgan
Paige Hillibert
Michaela Jamison
Jillian Mullin
Hailee Windsor
Cody Moore
Kylie Andres
Caroline Kain
Hattie Doolittle
Anna Hughes
Josie Hanson